Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

We provide Structural Steel Detailing Services for nearly all sorts of projects, including residential, commercial, manufacturing plant, school, airport, hospital, and industrial structures. Our skill in providing our clients with cost-effective and precise drawing services has helped us build a good reputation in the sector.

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What We Offer

When it comes to Steel Detailing Company, Struc Vision is one of India's pioneering firm. Since our inception in 2020, we have successfully served all of our clients with proven expertise as a structural steel drafting service.

Our Tekla detailing teams collaborate with general contractors, structural design companies, and steel fabricators to provide complete structural steel detailing solutions for high-rise buildings, oil and gas processing facilities, industrial steel structures, and steel frame construction.

We provide structural steel drafting services, as well as shop and erection drawings, to facilitate communication among structural engineers, architects, steel fabricators, and other project stakeholders. We have Tekla X-Steel detailing experts on staff that specialize in developing steel reinforcement features for onshore and offshore oil rigs.

Our steel detailers are skilled in preparing steel structure cad drawings for rebar shop drawings, among other things, to help in the suitable structure erection for educational complexes, airport terminals, roads and highways, stadiums, museums, and so on. We also specialize in steel staircase details, ladders and steps, railings and guardrails, pipe and racks, and other metal building goods.

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Our Structural Steel Detailing Services Include

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Structural Steel Detailing


Steel Shop Drawing




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Structural 3D Modeling

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2D Drafting &

3D Modeling

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Tekla Steel Detailing

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Quality Take-off Services

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Connection Sketches

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Drawing Index

The Benefits of Using Our Steel Detailing Services 

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Structural steel detailing is a vital procedure in structural engineering that requires near-perfect precision. Even little mistakes might result in the loss of significant time and money. Structural steel detailing is a critical and required step in all forms of manufacturing and construction operations, including the installation of residential and commercial structures, factories and institutions, and ships.

Working with an experienced professional engineer guarantees that you have the thorough, high-quality drawings you want for your contractors.

Instead of tying up your team, you may outsource the task to a professional steel detailing services firm, allowing your employees to focus on their areas of expertise.

Outsourcing steel detailing services might help you save money on your projects.

One key advantage of outsourcing steel detailing sources is that you will get superior reports.

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