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5 Reasons to Choose Tekla Steel Detailing Over AutoCAD

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

If you're looking to know why Tekla Steel Detailing is a better choice than AutoCAD, then this is the article for you. AutoCAD is a program that can be used for many purposes. From drawing up complex structural blueprints to creating floor plans and architectural design ideas, it is a versatile program for nearly anyone. Tekla steel detailing is another program that’s often used by designers, but what makes it superior to AutoCAD?

Tekla Steel Detailing is a great way to get detailed drawings of your buildings. In addition to creating pre-built structures, it can be used for all kinds of needs — from simple project management or warehouse drawings to complex buildings with multiple floors and various rooftop structures.

The world of AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp belongs to the computer nerds and an engineer who tries to make it look exciting. For years, these are been used as the tools for architectural design. However, in recent years, Tekla Steel Detailing has appeared on the scene, offering a detailed yet easy approach that provides more choice of visualizations than ever before. This review will discuss why you should choose Tekla Steel Detailing over AutoCAD or other 3D applications.

In a rush? No time to read? Maybe you already know all of the benefits of user-friendly steel detailing software (but would like to sum up a few quick bullet points). Well, here it is.

Less Detailing Errors

If you're using AutoCAD, make sure that the dimensions are correct. If they're not, then there will be many detailing errors which will take longer for your designer to solve than if the dimensions were right in the first place. With Tekla Steel Detailing, this is not an issue as it provides accurate dimensions so there are no discrepancies between what's drawn on paper and what's actually built in the shop.

A safer working environment

There are many reasons to choose Tekla Steel Detailing over AutoCAD. One of the most important is a safer working environment. With Tekla Steel Detailing, you will have a safer working environment because you will be able to scan the workpiece, instead of cutting it by hand.

You can also use Tekla Steel Detailing for your own training purposes, as well as for your employees’ training needs.

Another advantage of using Tekla Steel Detailing is that it allows you to create detailed plans for your projects in advance and then send them to contractors who can carry out the actual construction of your project.

Better productivity

In the world of CAD software, Tekla Steel Detailing is at a different level. It is a powerful tool that allows you to create detailed models of your steel structures with ease. You can make changes as per your needs, and it will not take you much time to create complex models that are worthy enough for use in your projects.

The automation features of Tekla Steel Detailing are also impressive. This software comes with a suite of tools that allow you to create an entire building model without any human intervention. It also has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier for anyone to use the software without any prior knowledge about how it works.

Tekla Steel Detailing is one of the best steel detailing software available today. It offers several advantages over AutoCAD, including better productivity and more advanced features such as Multiphysics modeling and advanced heat simulation capabilities.

More efficient connections

When you're using AutoCAD, it's easy to overlook the connection lines that are supposed to connect all of your objects.

It's also very time-consuming and requires a lot of manual work. And when you add in the fact that AutoCAD is an extremely expensive piece of software, you realize how much time it takes to produce high quality drawings.

With Tekla Steel Detailing, however, you don't have these issues. Thanks to its powerful yet easy-to-use interface, all of your connections will be made automatically, without any human intervention required.

More accurate and complete project data

Tekla Steel Detailing is a offline and cloud-based drawing software that allows users to create and modify 3D models of steel structures. This software can be used in the development of engineering design documents, as well as in the creation of project data for construction works.

It is not just a drawing tool though, Tekla Steel Detailing also provides a host of other features that allow users to create accurate and complete project data. These include:

3D model visualization: The Tekla Steel Detailing software lets you view your design in real time by displaying the model onscreen so you can easily make changes. You can also export the data from your drawing into formats such as STEP, IGES or DWF (Microsoft Office) files.

Document management: The Tekla Steel Detailing software offers an integrated document management solution that lets you manage all your documents online using an online version of Tekla's proprietary document management system. If you prefer working offline then this feature will allow you to access all your saved documents from anywhere on any device with internet access.

Project management: Project management is another feature included with this software which lets you track all your projects from start to finish


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