Structural BIM Modeling Services

We provide high-quality structural BIM services to clients all over the world with the aid of our cutting-edge BIM studio and our extensive talent pool. Struc Vision bridges the gap between the design and production stages with its specialist structural BIM modelling services.

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What We Offer

We've got excellent expertise delivering BIM Structural Services across a variety of sectors since 2020.

Structural BIM modelling plays an important part in building life-cycle management, from design through destruction. Throughout the design and construction phase, it is critical to accurately design and specify structural aspects while collaborating with other trades. Struc Vision offers definitive structural BIM services that will simplify all-inclusive design analysis and review, increasing engineering management flexibility.

Struc Vision's BIM structural analysis encompass drawing and detailing, as well as 3D modelling. Because our model combines sophisticated design and analysis skills, it delivers superior 3D analysis that reveals cost savings and assures safer designs. Our specialists are capable of developing an exact structural model with accurate information, so that the engineers have a comprehensive understanding of all areas such as building geometry, geographic information, building features, building materials, and resources necessary for the project.

Our Structural BIM Services Include

Structural Analysis.png

Structural Analysis

Creation of 3D BIM services.png

Creation of 3D BIM services

Structural Quantity Take off.png

Structural Quantity Take off

3D modeling construction.png

3D Modeling Construction

High-quality construction documents.png


construction documents

Revit Family Creation.png

Revit Family Creation

Steel structure detailing.png

Steel Structure Detailing

Structural Shop Drawings.png

Structural Shop Drawings

Detailed Drawings.png

Detailed Drawings

The Benefits of Using Our Structural BIM Services

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Our Structural BIM Modeler give crucial information and data points for a project's design study and evaluation. One of the most significant advantages of structural modelling is increased flexibility in design analysis and adaptability for essential design revisions. We've worked on sophisticated and structurally challenging projects involving roof structure, foundation detail, retaining wall detail, beam/slab/column/frame detail, concrete/RCC/steel structure detail, and more.

Connects design to details - Streamlines procedures for efficient detailing

Structural modeling allows for more flexibility and accuracy during design analysis and constructability evaluations.

Improves cooperation by coordinating your models across many disciplines.

The structural shop drawings generated from the BIM models are correct, resulting in error-free onsite construction.

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