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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Struc Vision is a global pioneer in Building Information Modeling, offering a comprehensive range of CAD and BIM engineering services to the AEC market. Our design development services allow architects and engineering consultants to focus on their main functions while we handle design updates and documentation. To deliver a clash-free and completely integrated BIM model, our engineers engage with design engineers, general contractors, and trade contractors across many engineering disciplines.

Structural BIM Services

We have been providing Structural BIM services to clients all over the world for over a years, backed by an in-house team of highly trained BIM engineers that are proficient in Autodesk Revit.


We have successfully completed a considerable number of Structural BIM projects of different complexity for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial structures over the last decade.


Our team's significant expertise enables them to smoothly translate your schematic designs and construction drawings to clear Revit BIM models with modular families, regardless of their complexity.

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Steel Detailing Services

For structural steel detailing work, Struc Vision has a specialized staff of steel detailers, experienced Project Managers, QC Heads, Team Leads, and Project Leads. All team members have received international quality training. Every month, we are able to complete tones of structural and other steel detailing projects.


Our steel detailers are well-versed in the latest software versions, including Tekla Structures and AutoCAD. For complicated projects, our steel detailers provide one-of-a-kind solutions that assist engineers in efficiently managing the design and fabricators in carrying out the production process.


Precast Detailing Services

Struc Vision is a reputable firm that has completed precast detailing jobs for clients all over the world, including but not limited to North America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.


Struc Vision has positioned itself as a real partner for clients all over the world in the last two years, with a focus on the developing global construction sector.


We have completed countless detailed, shop drawing, and modelling tasks for customers. Thousands of client testimonies attest to our service excellence.

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Rebar Detailing Services

Here at Struc Vision, our team of skilled rebar detailers prepares shop drawings for the placement of the reinforcing steel.  They provide the precise details on bends, shapes and lap splices to meet the requirement of your specific project. Any issues regarding project constructability are tackled instantly before the first piece of rebar is bent or sheered.


The detailed drawings provided by our rebar detailers often help our contractors to visualize the structures.  In fact, with these detailed drawings, the task of ironworkers are highly simplified, as they know where to place and thus reduces the cost of installation.


Structural 3D Modeling Services

Using cutting-edge technology and the brightest brains in the business, we provide structural 3D modelling services aimed at improving product/structure visualization and assisting our customers in communicating their design thoughts through realistic 3D models.


We have a broad skill set, competence, and experience that enables us to carry out structural 3D modelling projects using cutting-edge technology.

Structural 3D Model
2d Drafting.jpg

Structural 2D Drafting & Detailing

We provide high-quality structural and drafting services to clients all around the world. Our numerous teams have been educated to adhere to American, European, and Australian standards, as well as name conventions and story styles.


In the field of structural engineering, we provide precise structural 2D drawing services. We make every effort to satisfy the quality standards set by our clients.